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RMD Re-Entry




The mission of the RMD Inc. Re-Entry Program is to provide custom evidence based support to adult ex-offenders, eighteen
(18) years of age and older (as defined by the state of Ohio) who are under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system.
RMD Inc. is partnering with other agencies and/or programs that will assist in this effort with resources for and/or assistance in obtaining housing, random drug screening, assessments, care management and intervention, furthering education on substance abuse to include relapse/prevention, training for job readiness to include some placement, long term management support, and peer support, reconnection with families and communities.  This approach will meet the needs of restored citizen*s from a holistic perspective working collaboratively.




Breaking the Cycle


Four missions:


First, we work hard to help our unemployed members find jobs, build careers, and uncover entrepreneurial opportunities
Second, we give encouragement. We promote, encourage, and stay connected with our members so they know they are not alone.
Third, we educate. Issues around the topics of incarceration, recidivism, the psychology and economics of release, education, lifestyle choices, etc. are all dealt with on a regular basis
Fourth, we empower the individual to be self-sustaining. Our goal is that every member of Breaking the Cycle, Inc. be as self sufficient as possible; a productive, taxpaying citizen of their city, county, state, and nation. 


Catholic Charities


Provides the social help of the basic needs ID and birth certificate vouchers to help offset the negative effect of invalid from a societal standpoint.


Benefit bank


Many of us are forced to make tough decisions every day about paying bills, buying food, accessing medical care, and stretching our household budgets. The Ohio Benefit Bank™ is designed to make it simpler for people in Ohio to connect with programs and resources that can make those decisions a little bit easier. From the comfort of your home or from any computer with Internet access, you can use The Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB™) to complete applications for programs like food assistance, child care assistance, health coverage, and much more.




Plus, you can use the OBB to file your federal, state,and school district taxes absolutely free!


We even help veterans access the education benefits they have earned, and we can help anyone complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to help with the costs of higher education.




Women Walking in Destiny & Zacchaeus Support Groups


These Support Group is a program service for men & woman in recovery from addiction who is coping with traumatic experience. Men working with men & Woman working with woman to overcome obstacles that keeps us from achieving our goals such as freedom from: Fear, Anxiety, Trauma, Anger, Relapse, Marriage and Relational Issues.


The groups consist of an open discussion forum meetings:


                    Triggers & Anger                  Addiction                       Coping & Resolutions


                    Life Skills                       Journaling                      One on One Sessions


            Accountability Exercises          Trauma Sessions                  Meditation & Prayer


                  Anger Management           Domestic Violence                  Referral Services




Affiliate Partners:

Catholic CharitiesC.E.O.G.C, Pneuma Life, Ministry of ReconciliationProject Save

 Simple Financial Solutions Breaking the Cycle, Women Walking in Destiny

Collaboration Station, RMD Re-Entry


5322 Fleet Avenue Cleveland, Ohio

email: Phone : (216) 812-8560  

Mailing Address : P.O. Box 28482 Cleveland, Ohio 44128 



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